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AventuraWeidnerApartmentsDisaster AventuraWeidnerApartmentsDisaster AventuraWeidnerApartmentsDisaster AventuraWeidnerApartmentsDisaster

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Below and above is the Aventura Weidner Apartment Disaster Process

The Aventura Aptartment Temperatures during June 2021

(Toilet Problem Disaster) I was told the Apartment Built in 1968 therfore you can not even put toilet paper in the toilet when you flush it because the system being that old it will flood the apartment below you. They had called me twice because of the water flooding in their bathroom. We won't even clean your toilet and see the Toilet Problem Below


See the Tempeture in my apartment for the month of June 2021

There were 5 items that were not handled correctly before we were kicked out of the Adventura Apartment Complex. The air condeitioner temperature, The refrigerator sealing straps, the toilet misfunction so we had to put all toilet paper in garbage as deirected. Then the Lady Liberty Pest Control came to force cleaning that was not necessary or needed or requested but me but they bill me and had me out of the Apartment for over 6 hours so I had to rent a Hotel for a day for $125 because my daughter was sick.

I contacted the Weidner the in Phoenix Az and the man there said, "The head Gal in the Avventura Apartments is in charge so I can not help you or hear what you want to say".


Repaqiring the Refrigerator they would not do and when I went into the office they said, ":Good Bye"


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Here is the Letter on the right side I was sent by The I.Q. Data International,Inc.  And I was told by the Aventura People that they were not legally responsible to do the repairs without charging me after I was Kicked Out. Now this is the worst company Aventura Apartments Disaster they are a Weidner company. Several times I went to the address they said they would do the repairs and in 6 months later they did not. Now when you lease an Aventura Apartment they will bill you after you are gone for fixing the items not repaired until you are gone for $657.20 for repairs above before the next leaser. Would I ever come here again NO and I am letting thousands of people understand how they will be treated if they are dumb enough to come here. Leasing a Aventura Apartment means they will fix nothing until you are kicked out then they will charge you by a I.Q. International Collection Company. I can not believe Aventura Weidner is controling their collections by an International Company. I Just want everyone to know how Aventura will treat you about repairs. See the temeratures you will have to live with renting there by a company built in 1968 and not repaired unless you pay them even after you are gone. Now The nput a charge against me onj credit report So mI can not even buy a house because of what they did. I WAS TOLD BY THE MANAGING LADY THAT THEY HAD 53 PEOPLE WANTING TO MOVE IN BECAUSE NOTHING ELSE WAS AVAILABLE IN THE AREA THEY COULD BILL A THOUSAND DOLLARS AND PUTING IT ON YOU CREDIT REPORT COULD KILL YOU AND YOUR FAMILY IF YOU DID NOT PAY IT. SO KICKING PEOPLE OUT BILLING THEM WILL MAKE US BILLIONAIRS.



Here is the Lady Liberty Pest Control Truck That said they were to come into my apartment to check for bugs. They Said, "They were there but they were not" . Later I had three other apartment people agree there were not any in my apartment but they were in fear of telling the Apartment manager there were none. .

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  • This is the Aventura Weidner Apartments Filing a collection item from a copany even though I was not billed by the Aventura Apartments Weidner company by mail, many months they billed me for water, salvage to make money. I even had them stop watering plants and grass for hours because the thousand gallons was going into the sewer over blocks away. When I convinced them to water for just 15 minutes the grass and plants were great but they still billed the big prices for water because when my Lease was raised to over 1,000 dollars instead of uder the Normal $800 they made money.

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